Letter from Bill Minutaglio


1 University Station  •  Austin, TX  78712-0548  •  (512) 471-3434  • www.utexas.edu

This letter is written in support, and highest recommendation, of Gayle Reaves.

I’ve had the honor of observing Ms. Reaves and her brilliant work for three decades. I have seen her practicing journalism, and I have seen her teaching journalism to advanced university students. There is no one with greater abilities on both fronts.

She is one of the finest journalists in America. Her work has been honored at the highest levels – including being recognized with a Pulitzer Prize and a George Polk award. She has countless other awards, recognitions and accomplishments.

The awards point to a fierce willingness to abide by the ideals of the profession: To shine the light on truth and bring forth justice. She embodies the tenets of true journalism – and practices them in a collegial, disciplined, way. She is legendary for overseeing serious projects, tackling the toughest subjects.

She is also an extremely inspiring presence in the classroom: I have seen her deeply immersed in interactive workshops with undergraduates and graduate students – and she has an empathy, a connection that is very rare. Students warm to her because they could sense her passion, her enthusiasm, her eternal curiosity. She is, flat out, an expert listener –and wonderfully humble, inquisitive and persistent.

After she visited my eager students, many of them came to me to express their admiration for her. Several said they considered her a pure role model: “I want to be just like Gayle,” is how one student framed it.

She will bring prestige and a work ethic that are simply unparalleled. My regret is we can’t “steal her away” to be affiliated with our institution.

My work has appeared in The New York Times, Newsweek, etc. I’ve written books about President George W. Bush, Molly Ivins, etc. In my career, I’ve never encountered a finer journalist, a better person, than Ms. Reaves.

Please contact me if you have questions about this excellent candidate.

Bill Minutaglio

Clinical Professor, Journalism, University of Texas at Austin


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